Cette page est une liste non-exhaustive des bugs que j’ai rapporté ou suivi. Il y a également quelques patchs que j’ai fourni. Cette page me permet de garder une trace de différents bugs et de suivre l’état d’avancement de chacun.

Bugs en état “Ouverts”

openmeetings:Error when stopping a recording (WhiteboardConvertionJobManager)

ognl: Licence: please clarify between OpenSymfony Licence and BSD (3 clauses) Licence

ognl: no download area

jajuk:OOM Error in CoverView

spring:Debian : Spring Community Download page is not crawler friendly

radeonhd: RV630 : Xorg freeze after “exaCopyDirty: Pending damage region empty!”

musicbrainz: Collection webservice return 500 error code

kmail: Crash when checking disconnected IMAP account

kontact: Kontact crash withkontact_specialdatespluginEnabled=false ===

wifidog : Wifidog should provide an XML RPC API

wifidog : Auth server doesn’t work with ipv6 conections

ITP: gasell – PHP web application to manage a French association

korganizer: Launch Kmail at startup if an IMAP resource is activated

maven2.x: Build Maven2 on free java SDK

S2RAM : Support for HP DV4052

Bugs en état “Cloturés”

roundcube: invalid schema for ipv6

spip : ecrire/exec/aide_index.php : Erreur de syntaxe

spip : Boucle DOCUMENTS : le critère sur le statut des rubriques n’est pas cohérent

nvidia-kernel-source: Should depends on libc6-dev

shorewall: Incorrect zones in /etc/shorewall/rfc1918

nvidia-kernel-source: postrm & postinst script not correct on 2.6.x

amule: aMule 1.2.6-2 crash after closing a search

jetspeed1.x: Schéma LDAP

amule: Wrong placing of application/amule.desktop and locales

openwebmail: Depends on apache2

wondershaper: Use Bash but not depends

amule: Patch for amule-utils

wondershaper: Patch for using wondershaper with Dash

irate: Path for french translation

savane: 3 membership request , result in 3 times same user in project

savane: Mail : membership request mail contains an invalid URL

xmlcv: XMLSchema/DTD -> fichiers sources Java

kernel: PCMCIA Card not powered on - CardBus bridge: Ricoh Co Ltd RL5c476 II (revac)===

gna!: Unable to access anonymous SVN

gna!: CVS feature disabled but CVS still available

laptop-mode-tools: Typo error line 688 in /usr/sbin/laptop_mode

grisbi: Should Depends on libofx1c2(= g++ transition) ===

gnunet: GNUNet v0.7 ?

grisbi: Grisbi un-installable in ubuntu 5.10

jamvm: Jamvm uninstallable in breezy

kontact: Kontact sidebar with knode even if knode not installed

amarok: Amarok cannot create/update his song collection

gna!: CIA-bot for project gasell

dosemu: dosemu can’t be installed because of dependency problems

linux: Kernel panic at every shutdown

akregator: Akregator crashed

adept: adept crashed after ‘update’

mkinitramfs: don’t include necessary modules

mozilla-browser: Mozilla-browser currently uninstallable in dapper

langpack-locales: 2.3.7-5 use invalid option of localedef

kicker : kicker segfaults (signal 11) on logout

wpasupplicant : fails to autostart using the if-preup.d script

gramps: UVF exception for 2.0.11

wifidog : remove debug output in Statistics.php

wifidog : Wrong test on $networkNumOnlineUsers

wifidog : Fatal error: Class ‘Network’ not found in Statistics.php on line 86

wifidog : Adding a new RSS content> foreach() error ===

Gregarius : Support for Konqueror

laptop-mode: doesn’t start automatically

symfony sfGuardPlugin : unique indexes problem

wifidog : Automatic new node creation

wifidog : Timezone problem fix

restricted-manager-kde : needs dependency on libpythonize0